Do You Know Where Your Fish Comes From?

Reeler is a mobile app where small-scale fishermen can sell their fish directly to locals, reducing the demand for fish caught using industrial fishing practices.

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Better fish, Better planet with reeler

Why You Already Love Reeler

Hours Fresh, Not Weeks Old.

Most fish in grocery stores are at least 3 weeks old, even if they claim it is fresh

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On average, fishermen earn 20-30% more through Reeler compared to current outlets* and consumers save too!

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Sustainably Harvested

Reeler supports only the most eco friendly fishing practices, with virtually no bycatch

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Local Consumers

Fresher Fish for Lower Prices

Feel good knowing that you are doing your part in creating a more sustainable and eco friendly future.  
Doing good does not have to cost more, with our direct model, you win, the fisherman wins and the environment wins/ future generations.  

On Reeler you can get your fresh fish literally right off the boat, from day trip fishermen.  Our direct model gives you the freshest fish possible while still passing on 30-50% savings compared to in store.


Fishermen Love Higher Earnings on Reeler

Reeler gives semi-commerical and commercial fishermen greater customer reach, allowing them to capture up to 6 times greater earnings than traditional selling outlets while still passing on savings to the end consumer.   

By supporting small scale producers, rather than industrial fishing practices, you support the most sustainable and eco-friendly methods of fishing.  

Reeler fishermen go out fishing for 1 or 2 days at most rather than weeks like the other guys do.  Few people know just how old the fish in stores is!

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Why Our Users Choose Reeler

Everytime I buy fish directly from fishermen, I know it will be the best fish I have ever had. We always make the best dinners knowing that the fish is fresh and very local!

Christina G.       Kailua, Oahu

I don’t like buying fish from the store because I don’t know how old it is or that it has been cared for.  Being able to buy directly from the person who caught it is so great, because you can see that it’s fresh and know that your fishermen took good care of their catch.

Yukiya O.       Hawaii Kai, Oahu

I smoke a lot of marlin and dry aku, I am excited to be able to sell fish on ReelFresh instead of instagram or sitting on the side of the road.

Kazu A.      Fishermen from Kailua, Oahu

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Our Story

Two college students with a passion for fishing, set out to reinvent the way people buy and sell fish. We wanted to create a way for locals to buy fresher fish for less money, while passing on more value to the fishermen.   

Not all fishing is created equal, so we created Reeler to help people buy fish from fishermen who use the most sustainable and eco friendly methods of fishing.  Giving consumers the power to vote with their wallet and stop paying for cheap fish from industrial operations, at outrageously marked up store prices.  Empowering consumers to insist on fish from small scale, line caught fishing operations only.  

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